PCP Mis-selling


Driving greater value through our specialist knowledge of Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance litigation.

Proven expertise

With Hyperian's unrivalled knowledge and excellent track record in this particular credit sector, clients can take confidence that Hyperian will be by their side at every step of the way. Car finance is a growing area for litigation, and although complex and constantly evolving, with the Hyperian team's pedigree and experience clients can rest assured they are in the best hands.

Specialist knowledge

The Hyperian team specialises in the field of Consumer Credit Claims and we use our extensive knowledge in this area to help lead the way through the emerging market of PCP finance litigation. There are marked similarities between PCP and the PPI scandal: undisclosed commissions; FCA interventions; and the law established by the "unfair relationship" provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, all of which Hyperian are well-versed in.

Quality of service

Hyperian is dedicated to offering a new litigation experience. We’re all about removing any threshold and inviting clients to take advantage of City-level quality but with the proactiveness and professionalism usually only possible with a boutique firm. It’s equitable and ensures fairer outcomes for all.

Opening the door to expert help

Providing new ways for clients to experience litigation with the onus on approachability and affordability.

Leading the way in financial litigation

Supporting clients with a stand-out group of specialist litigators.

Setting the standard for client care

Blending high quality relationship management with process efficiency.

Always at the side of every client

Offering both professional guidance and support.

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