Business Energy Claims


Taking the lead against the mis-selling of business energy supply contracts.

Expert knowledge

The Hyperian team has an extensive knowledge of business energy claims and the current laws and research around the mis-selling of contracts and commissions. Ofgem research has highlighted that some Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), whose role is to secure the best possible rates for their customers from an energy supplier, have shown a notable lack of transparency around commissions and optimal contract choice, neglecting their fiduciary duties to their customers.

Experienced litigators

With our combined 35 years' experience in financial, consumer and commercial litigation, we have a wealth of experience behind us to help businesses in their litigation against TPIs and energy suppliers. We have seen at first hand the recent rise in claims against TPIs, with greater awareness of instances where they have not been acting in a client's best interests.

Trusted advisors

Hyperian can provide legal advice and check whether businesses have a claim against TPIs or energy suppliers. With our keen focus and intimate knowledge of this area of law we are well positioned to advise parties on all aspects of potential litigation. What is encouraging for businesses is that litigation funding has been agreed to allow them to bring claims with insurance protection against adverse costs. We therefore anticipate significant growth in terms of claims being brought.

Opening the door to expert help

Providing new ways for clients to experience litigation with the onus on approachability and affordability.

Leading the way in financial litigation

Supporting clients with a stand-out group of specialist litigators.

Setting the standard for client care

Blending high quality relationship management with process efficiency.

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Offering both professional guidance and support.

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