Representing individuals, businesses and lenders across all areas of financial, commercial and consumer-based litigation.

On our clients' side

A team well versed in dealing with commercial based claims, with a particular specialism in finance. This can be mortgage or general banking disputes, security enforcement, claims regarding mis-selling, guarantee and indemnity disputes, asset disputes, claims relating to consumer rights and title disputes. Add that expertise and experience to competitive pricing and City-level service without compromise and our clients have a powerful ally in Hyperian.

The Hyperian promise

The values we hold influence all our work, whether that’s for private clients or corporates: integrity, application, determination, and a belief in always making high-quality legal advice accessible and the process assured and frictionless. We also understand one of the most fundamental roles of a legal advisor – to be there for a client, to reassure as well as counsel, to support as well as strategise. It’s about being approachable, friendly, responsive and sensitive to the person behind the client number.

Seriously specialist

It's the domain expertise that marks us out. Fiona Hayles is one of the leading authorities on Consumer Credit Claims brought under section 140 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and is backed by a team with an impressive litigation pedigree. In acting for both claimants and defendants over the past 20 years, we've built up a forensic knowledge of banking, financial and consumer law and a rigorous, tenacious, and unerring approach to argument and strategy.

Opening the door to expert help

Providing new ways for clients to experience litigation with the onus on approachability and affordability.

Leading the way in financial litigation

Supporting clients with a stand-out group of specialist litigators.

Setting the standard for client care

Blending high quality relationship management with process efficiency.

Always at the side of every client

Offering both professional guidance and support.

For expert legal advice, get in touch with our specialists to discuss your legal requirements.


A fresh approach focused on fairness